The Designosaur Story

09: Money and Value

We both remained silent, standing in the rain. Staring at each other. I wondered what I could say that would cheer the Designosaur up? Somewhat awkwardly, I said:

Me: Don't be sad, you’re so precious!

At the same moment I realised that this was not a good idea. It could also be misunderstood. Too late, the Designosaur looked up, smiled and said:

Designosaur: Exactly! I am of great value. I am one of the great players in the money game. My value is undeniable! Isn't that so?!?

Me: Hmm... yes, well - that's not what I meant.

Designosaur: How so? I am expensive to produce and even more expensive to buy. Just look at the real estate market! People love to invest in me. It's one of the most profitable and safest ways to invest your money. Isn't that something?

Me: That's true... But do they invest in a building - in you - or do they invest in a plot of land? To be honest: If you can't adapt to the changing environment, culture, needs and demands, you're just a huge bunch of waste, aren't you? A few of you will have cultural value one day - yes, maybe - but what about all the others?

Immediately I realised that was too harsh! I didn't want to talk to the Designosaur like that! And to be honest - I was embarrassed - who designed the Designosaur again? Oh, no - what did I just say? The Designosaur looked at me, its windows wet from the rain. I said:

Me: Okay, sorry! No generalised condemnation - sorry! But it's all about the building site. While your value most likely decreases with each year, the value of the plot most likely increases. While you struggle to fulfil your purpose, the ground you were built on is a gold mine.

I took my sketchbook 

and drew a figure to explain my thoughts to the Designosaur. The Designosaur nodded and I wanted to apologise for what I had just said about waste:

Me: I'm sorry I called you a "bunch of waste", I just had it in mind...

Designosaur: Stop, please stop. I know I'm an object. I am not designed to respond or adapt to new parameters. I am designed to be an object - not a process. As time disappears, I will struggle more and more to meet the demands. And the way I was constructed, I am virtually built to become rubbish..

At that moment, thunder sounded, and lightning lit up the Anthropocene!

No - not really, it just stopped raining. I was soaked with rain and new findings. I felt there was nothing more to say or ask - now it was up to me. So, I looked into the big, triple-glazed eyes with the extra sun protection film of the Designosaur and said:

Me: Bye. Was good to talk to you. And… I promise, I will do my best to not design one of you. No more Designosaurs!

The Designosaur smiled at me (yes, a building can smile but not cry - that makes perfect sense).

And so... the Designosaur smiled at me and said:

Designosaur: That’s great. Bye. - And don’t forget to admire me… otherwise, my life cycle will be a fail!

I left and continued my walk in the Anthropocene. The sun was just setting, and I was enjoying all these amazing buildings from the past that we need to cherish and preserve. And I thought about all the new buildings we will design. New buildings, in a new world, with new arguments.... and no more Designosaurs. Amazing!